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5 Steps Buyer’s Guide - Heated Towel Rails

Finding the perfect heated towel rail may not be as easy as it seems. Do not worry!! Our 5 Steps Guidance is here to help you. Now relax and go through each step in order to establish your objective, carry out some calculations, understand your limitations and find the best option for your bathroom.

1. USAGE - How do you wish to use your Heated Towel Rail?

Generally speaking, there are 3 ways to use a heated towel rail. They can be classified as below:

1. Central Heating Use: Most properties in the UK have central heating in place. You can simply plumb your towel rail into your central heating with a pair of valves. This is the most common use of towel rails. Towel rails connected to your central heating will work the same way as your conventional radiators.

2. Electric Only Use: Electric only use is more suitable for flats and properties where there is no gas and central heating. Easy to set up and cost effective way of keeping your towels warm, heating your bathroom and saving you storage space.

3. Dual Fuel Use: Dual fuel use heated towel rails are those connected/plumbed in to your central heating system but they also have an electric heating element installed. Having both systems in hand will enable you to use the towel rail during the summer when the central heating is off.

2. MEASUREMENT – Where do you intent to install the Towel Rail?

Size of the towel rail you need will depend on the size of your bathroom and available wall-floor space. You need to consider the following factors to choose the right size for your bathroom.

  • Which wall/area is the towel rail going to be installed?
  • What is the dimension of the available space?
  • Is there a door, pipe, window or cupboard around?
  • And please remember, you will need around 10 to 20 cm at the bottom of the radiator for the connection.

3. HEAT – How much Watt/BTU does your bathroom need?

Will you be using the towel rail only to keep your towels warm or will it also be used as a source of heat for your bathroom? Once you come to a decision on that, you will need to consider the size of your bathroom, as well as side issues like insulation level of your property, outside wall factor, window factor, and the age of your property and so on.

Does it sound too complicated?! You can simply use our BTU Calculator which will give you some guidance and an idea which will help you find out your heat output requirement.

4. FINISH & STYLE & PARTS – Which finish or style will blend with your bathroom?

Now you know how to use your towel rail, where to install it and what size you will need. It is time to decide on the final elements. Firstly, you need to decide what finish the radiator should be? Generally, they come in chrome plated, white painted, brushed stainless steel or polished stainless steel.

Secondly, you will need to take some time to have a look at all available styles. A wide range of different styles are listed on our online store. You may settle for a standard ladder type towel rail or a traditional style is exactly what you are looking for. Alternatively, a designer towel radiator which will look fabulous and complete your top-end bathroom.

Lastly, depending on your selected usage type, find out and select the parts you require for your setting such as heating elements and radiator valves. If you are unsure about which parts you need or to use, feel free to get some advice or get in touch with our technical advice team.

Please remember to consider other elements and features of your bathroom as you select your finish, style and parts. If your bathroom overall has a traditional look, then try to stick with a traditional towel rail which will blend with the rest of the features. If your taps, shower heads or similar items are all chrome plated and square shaped, then a square shaped towel rail radiator and square shape valves will be your best option.

5. COST & DELIVERY – What is your budget & How soon do you need it delivered?

Price of heated towel rails range from as little as £40-£50 up to as high as £1000-£1500. You may want to have a standard ladder type towel rail with a small budget or bring some luxury into your bathroom with an elegant but slightly more expensive designer towel radiator.

Most of our towel rails are in stock, readily available with free next working day delivery and there is no need to purchase your radiator weeks or months in advance and store in a building site. In order to avoid problems which may occur before or after the delivery, it is also recommended not to book or arrange a plumber or an electrician before you actually receive your towel rail and check for any transport damages or visual imperfections.

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