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Towel Radiators | Designer Bathroom Radiators - by ADIGE

ADIGE Towel Radiators is the UK's leading bathroom radiator specialist. Established in 2004, we offer high quality products all of which are manufactured to European EN442 standards. With over 13 years of experience, we also offer expert advice, technical help and guidance to all our customers and web site visitors.

Our recently updated and feature pack web site is now even easier to navigate and find stunning designer towel radiators, narrow, wide and practical heated towel rails or high heat output vertical radiators. You may browse and shop by width, height or Btu and apply filters to find the perfect radiator for your bathroom.

If you require further information or advice on our products, please call our friendly and expert customer service team or send us an email with your enquiry.

AMALIA 675mm Wide 960mm High Traditional Column Radiator

675mm wide and 960mm high chrome plated traditional style built-in white column radiator with 886 Watt - 3022 BTU/h @ Delta 50.

£199.99 ex. VAT

ARTEX 500mm Wide 900mm High Chrome Flat Designer Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 900mm high chrome curved tube on tube designer towel radiator with 312 Watt - 1065 BTU/h @ Delta 50.

£108.33 ex. VAT

EMRENO 500mm Wide 800mm High Anthracite Designer Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 800mm high rectangular tubed anthracite ladder style designer towel radiator with 347 Watt - 1183 BTU/h @ Delta 50.

£108.33 ex. VAT

EMRENO 500mm Wide 800mm High Chrome Designer Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 800mm high rectangular tubed chrome plated ladder style designer towel radiator with 274 Watt - 934 BTU/h @ Delta 50.

£133.33 ex. VAT

EMRENO 500mm Wide 800mm High White Designer Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 800mm high rectangular tubed white ladder style designer towel radiator with 347 Watt - 1183 BTU/h @ Delta 50.

£91.66 ex. VAT

KOCA 500mm Wide 1200mm High Chrome Curved Designer Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 1200mm high chrome curved tube on tube designer towel radiator with 500 Watt - 1707 BTU/h @ Delta 50.

£166.66 ex. VAT

KOCA 500mm Wide 1200mm High White Curved Designer Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 1200mm high white curved tube on tube designer towel radiator with 633 Watt - 2161 BTU/h @ Delta 50.
£166.63 ex. VAT
£108.33 ex. VAT

MEOT 500mm Wide 800mm High Rectangular Tube Chrome Designer Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 800mm high rectangular tubed chrome plated flat towel radiator with 284 Watt - 967 BTU/h @ Delta 50.

£116.66 ex. VAT

POLIFEMO 500mm Wide 1200mm High Chrome Designer Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 1200mm high chrome vertically curved tubes with flat horizontal tube designer towel radiator with 298 Watt - 1018 BTU/h @ Delta 50.

£166.66 ex. VAT

SAHLA 500mm Wide 1600mm High Square Tube Chrome Flat Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 1600mm high square tubed chrome plated ladder style flat towel radiator with 595 Watt - 2030 BTU/h @ Delta 50.

£191.66 ex. VAT

Great Quality Bathroom Towel Radiators, Heated Towel Rails & Designer Towel Radiators

Your bathroom has huge potential when it comes to interior design, but there are three primary factors that you must take into account when you renovate or modernise the space. They are practicality, heat requirements and style. By supplying a stunning range of high quality bathroom towel radiator and heated towel rails, we can help you to satisfy all of these very important considerations.

We stock designer towel radiators and bathroom radiators of all shapes and sizes in a bid to help you achieve the perfect marriage of comfort, convenience and visual appeal in your bathroom design. It is possible to find both contemporary and traditional options from our varied and stylish range.

When it comes to the practical setup of your main bathroom or an en suite, a towel rail proves an exceptionally useful addition because it will regulate your bathroom temperature and environment while providing efficient storage space for your towels and other garments. This is vital in bathrooms that do not enjoy the benefit of large dimensions and ample space.

Choosing the right bathroom radiator or heated towel rail is simply a matter of browsing the categories in our online store according to your budget and requirements in terms of heat, space and design. We also stock a fantastic range of radiator valves, heating elements and radiator accessories engineered to assist you at every stage of the installation process and to supply the finishing touches to your setup.

We are committed to offering quality radiators at low prices and we aim to deliver an outstanding level of service for each and every customer.

How to Prevent a Central Heating Meltdown

With winter upon us, the nights are growing colder and you can no longer avoid turning the central heating on. If your central heating is in good condition, this will be a seamless process, but if your boiler is feeling its age, there is every chance that you might run into problems in the very near future. So how can you reduce your risk of ending up with no heating as winter approaches?

In a wet system, central heating boilers heat the water that circulates around your network of radiators. If the boiler is working correctly, you turn the heating on and within a few minutes the radiators will begin to heat up. There are other types of heating, but in the UK, a central heating boiler powered by gas, electricity or oil is the norm.


Flat vs House- Which One is Better?

Homes come in all shapes and sizes and for many people, as long as they have a roof over their head, they don’t care whether the home has one floor or ten. But if you are looking at buying a new home, you might be wondering whether a flat or a house is going to be a better choice. Both are likely to be on offer, although if you are looking at inner city properties, flats will be more prevalent than houses. So what are the main differences and what do you need to be aware of before investing?


Top DIY Gadgets Every Home Should Have

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or not, there are some gadgets and power tools you really should invest in. You don’t necessarily need to be skilled at DIY to use them, but if you do decide to undertake a DIY project such as removing a vertical designer radiator from the wall in order to strip off old wallpaper, a few handy tools will make life so much easier. So what tools and gadgets are worth investing in?


How to Find a Top Tradesman

There are times when it feels as if a good, reliable tradesman is more elusive than a unicorn. You know the feeling: you want a new stainless steel radiator or a towel radiator fitting in your home, but finding a plumber to do the job is impossible. None of the people you contact are interested in such a small job, and most don’t even bother replying to your voicemail message. So what are your options? You could have a go at doing the job yourself, but there is only so much you can learn from a YouTube video and besides, you don’t have the right tools for the job anyway. Asking a DIY enthusiast friend to help you out is a better option, but that will leave you indebted to them and do you really want “Big Mike” asking you to baby-sit his Rottweiler for a weekend?


Five Cheap Ways to Keep Your Home Warm In Winter

Once the weather turns colder, heating becomes a priority. Living in a cold home is plain miserable, but if you can’t afford to have the central heating on for more than an hour a day, you may have little choice but to wrap up in lots of thick, woolly jumpers and dance in front of the TV when your toes turn blue. So what cheap things can you do to ensure your home stays warm and cosy this winter? There are plenty of things you can do to reduce your energy bills and stay nice and warm. There might even be grants available to help pay for the cost of extra loft insulation or cavity wall insulation, so check out what’s available to find out if you are eligible.


Simple Household Ingredients for Sparkling Bathrooms

Cleaning the bathroom is probably one of the many chores on your “to do” list. In an ideal word the bathroom would be thoroughly cleaned every single day, but if you are permanently chasing your tail, it is a once-per-week task. Yes, Saturday mornings are a time to dig out some rubber gloves and a bottle of bleach before knuckling down to scrub the bath and toilet. But how can you ensure your bathroom is spotlessly clean if you have run out of big brand name cleaning sprays and solutions? Brand name cleaning products are expensive and not especially good for the environment. Products containing harsh chemicals are also not recommended to us on your designer towel radiators. If the advertisements are to be believed, your bathroom will be a festering cesspit of germs if you don’t blitz it with a few brand name sprays and solutions. However, you don’t need any brand name cleaners to maintain a hygienic and sparkling clean bathroom – there are lots of simple household ingredients you can use instead.


Basement Conversions and Creations - Good or Bad?

When space is at a premium, and you have exhausted all other avenues of expansion, a basement conversion could be the way forward. Certainly in overcrowded central London, expensive basement conversions have become the norm with super-rich Oligarchs and well-known celebrities vying on who can build the most ostentatious basement conversion. But is a basement conversion a good idea for the average person? Or would you be better renovating the attic or building a regular extension instead? If you already have an existing basement, converting it into a habitable space won’t be too difficult. Your basement should already be waterproofed and ventilated, so aside from the addition of extra lighting and other mod cons, it will not cost you too much money to turn it into a spare bedroom, bathroom, playroom, or whatever else you need.


Can the Green Deal Save You Cash?

An energy efficient home is far more than an eco-home with a compost toilet and a turf roof. By maximising your energy efficiency you can potentially save hundreds of pounds per year. You can also have a much nicer home; a home that is warm in the winter. So what is the Green Deal and how can it help to make your home more energy efficient? The Green Deal is a scheme devised by the government to help households pay for home improvements that can reduce energy bills. The idea is that instead of taking out a loan to pay for big home improvements such as installing double-glazing or a new energy efficient boiler, you pay for the improvements via savings made on your electricity bill. And if this sounds way too good to be true don’t worry because it really is a very good scheme; or at least it is for most households.


When NOT to Try DIY

Home improvement programmes have become massively popular in recent years. Turn on the TV on any given day and you will be confronted with bright and breezy presenters telling you how to transform your home from an uninspiring box into a palace fit for an A list celebrity. And the best bit? Instead of paying a fortune to a builder or interior designer, if you follow the tips on screen, you can achieve some amazing results with a spot of DIY. But is it really such a great idea to have a go at complex home improvement projects? Surely it would be better to pay someone else to do the work, even if it’s more expensive. Well, it depends. DIY is obviously going to be cheaper if you have the skills and tools available. It can also be more satisfying to do the job yourself and let you select a stunning designer bathroom radiator instead of a standard eco heated towel rail using your savings. However, there are times when you shouldn’t attempt DIY, so if you have a burning desire to have a go at home improvement, give it some serious thought before you pick up any power tools.


Garage Conversions: Good Idea or Terrible Mistake?

The garage is often the most underused space in our homes. Originally garages were intended for storing cars, but over the years garages attached to modern homes have shrunk to such an extent that a large percentage are too small for even compact cars. As a result, garages tend to become the dumping ground for a vast range of miscellaneous items: bicycles, gym equipment, gardening equipment, DIY junk, and anything else that doesn’t have a home, including spiders. But there is another way. Garages can be converted into useful living spaces that enhance the rest of the property instead of becoming a graveyard for unwanted board games and half used tins of paint. Imagine how much more useful your garage would be if it was transformed into a study, kids’ play room, or even teenager’s annexe. So what do you need to consider before starting a garage conversion?


How to Design the Perfect Teenager’s Bathroom

There comes a point in every parent’s life when you dream of having a bathroom all to yourself. Instead of queuing up outside the bathroom every morning, feeling as if you are a tenant in your own home, you can relax and enjoy a pleasant soak in the bath or a leisurely shower. With teenagers in the house, such a happy scenario is out of the question. They take forever in the bathroom, doing what teenagers do best, which is personal grooming on an epic scale. The best way to avoid losing access to the bathroom every morning (and evening) is to provide them with their very own bathroom. That way you can enjoy having a bathroom all to yourself and they can spend as much time as they like primping and preening in front of the bathroom mirror. So, what things should you include in a teenager’s bathroom?


Reports in both the Daily Express and The Independent suggest that we may be about to see another sharp rise in energy prices. If this coincides with a severe winter, many consumers could be struggling to pay their bills.Here, ADIGE Towel Radiators review these reports and look at ways that consumers could reduce their energy costs. Heated towel radiators from ADIGE look great, and save space in bathrooms, but they're also designed with energy efficiency in mind. That means they're a great choice for the environment, and for the wallet.
Win, lose or draw. More we score, more you save. Save £10 on your order for each goal England score in FIFA World Cup 2014. Great savings based on how many goals England score rather than whether they win, even the tough group D games could make for some attractive savings!
ADIGE is pleased to be able to offer a reward scheme to encourage loyalty from small trade customers. Returning customers are rewarded with points, which can be used to secure a discount on their next order. So the more products a trade customer orders, the more he or she can save in the long run. We also continue to offer large discounts on bulk and bespoke orders. If you have a large project in hand, looking for a reliable towel rail supplier then get in touch with our sales team.