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Towel Radiators

Wide range of high quality towel radiators available for "Next Day" delivery to most locations in the UK.

Most of our towel radiators are designed to be plumbed into your central heating system but they can also be converted to "Electric Only" or "Dual Fuel". For each usage type, you will simply need to obtain the relevant parts. More information on usage types and the items required can be found on our FAQ section or by following the color coded links from our Help & Advice page

As easy as it seems, finding the right towel rail for your bathroom can be a lengthy process. With our wide range of size, shape and models and great deal of our knowledge in this filed, we can provide you with one which will simply be “perfect”

You will first need to establish some basics and narrow down your search accordingly. If you are renovating your bathroom completely and if you plan ahead, range of radiators you can use may be wider. However, if you are just replacing an existing radiator with no modification to your room, your options will be limited. Whichever the case may be, we have the right towel radiator for you. Please use the product navigation links on the left hand side on each page to view and purchase the desired model and size.

Top Tips Before Selecting your Towel Radiator

  • Measurements – First and foremost work needs doing is to measure the space you have in your bathroom. Towel radiators do not traditionally take a lot of space, but they can also be quite large. Once you establish your limits with regards to width and height, you can start your search concentrating on those sizes while trying to get as close as possible to your heat requirements.
  • Installation – Installing or replacing a towel radiator is not a quick DIY job. Almost in all cases you will need to drain your central heating system and may need to adjust your pipe work to accommodate the new width and pipe centre’s. All work should be carried out by professional and competent installers.