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Is a Designer Towel Radiator an Ideal Investment ?

If you wish to add value to your property, have a moisture free bathroom and to heat up in style, it's a good investment to make. Not only you will have storage to place your towels, but your bathroom's temperature will be adequately managed. Some designer towel radiators are now used as the centre piece of the bathroom like a feature wall.

Homeowners are always looking to add a new feature to their bathrooms. Already, there are many components, objects and furniture in the bathroom like the shower and/or bathtub, sinks and toilets, clothes baskets, bath mats, cabinets and towel rails.

Although not too common in smaller bathrooms, designer towel radiators are now a necessity in the average bathroom around the country. They're a handy tool which holds towels. It's incredibly convenient for a homeowner to have a built-in towel rail in their bathroom. All the family's towels are all in one place, so they don't need to worry about travelling to their closets to grab their own towel for bathing.

What is more important is that a bathroom without sufficient heating and the changing temperatures can also affect the entire environment in a negative way, causing mold, mildew and other unsavory things to affect the bathroom. Heated towel rails are a solution to this problem. By having one of these installed, it helps to reduce the amount of moisture, humidity and mildew found in bathrooms. Heated towel rails are an inexpensive investment to make when considering ways to reduce moisture in the bathroom.

Most towel warmers or designer towel radiators are relatively inexpensive, though you're likely to find several on the market in a variety of different prices and types. In fact, the two main types of towel warmers are electric and central heating heated towel rails.

Electric towel rails have lower energy consumption rates, making them rather energy efficient since they consume the same power as your standard light bulb. Central heating type towel warmer uses the hot water heated by the boiler, mainly by running said water through the warmer's rails. Today's electric towel rails also include safety features like safety thermal fuses and automatic shut-off devices.

Towel rails can be wall mounted, floor mounted and free standing—not to mention, they come in a variety of different size, shape and styles which will fit to any bathroom’s design.