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Heated Towel Rails | Bathroom Radiators - by ADIGE

Product Code: WV1260C
1200mm wide and 635mm high horizontal wavy-shaped chrome designer towel radiator with 331 Watt - 1128 BTU/h @ Delta 50.
Product Code: SLZ5013A
500mm wide and 1300mm high square-tubed S-shaped anthracite designer towel radiator with 516 Watt - 1760 BTU/h @ Delta 50.
Product Code: ADG8012A
800mm wide and 1200mm high anthracite heated towel rail with 769 Watt - 2624 BTU/h @ Delta 50.
Product Code: ELS5012C
500mm wide and 1200mm high round tubed chrome plated designer towel radiator with 364 Watt - 1243 BTU/h @ Delta 50.
Product Code: EMR5012W
500mm wide and 1232mm high rectangular tubed white ladder style designer towel radiator with 525 Watt - 1790 BTU/h @ Delta 50.
Product Code: ADG1080A
1000mm wide and 800mm high anthracite towel radiator with 594 Watt - 2026 BTU/h @ Delta 50.

Some form of heat is essential for a bathroom and without any heat showers and baths will be most unpleasant. Old-fashioned radiators do an OK job, but if you want your bathroom or en suite to look modern and stylish, a heated towel rail is a far better choice. The main problem with old-fashioned radiators is that they are not much good at drying multiple towels. A heated towel rail, on the other hand, is perfectly designed for drying and warming towels. The innovative ladder design of heated towel rails dries towels far more efficiently than a regular radiator, so your towels will be nice and dry within a short time.

Choosing the right style of heated towel rail is very important, so you need to give a lot of thought to what type of decorative finish you desire. Contemporary bathrooms will benefit from a sleek, modern designer anthracite towel radiators whereas a Victoriana-style heated towel rail would be suitable for a bathroom with a more traditional finish. You don’t even have to stick with a chrome finish—there are other colour options available. Size is also an important consideration. Larger bathrooms will be able to cope with a large towel rail, but if your small room is exceedingly compact, a small heated towel rail will be a much better choice.


Browse through our selection of heated towel rails and find one that is perfect for you! If you need help, feel free to send us an email or call our sales team on 020 8892 0932.


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  • Do ensure there is adequate ventilation.
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  • Do ensure there is adequate heating by installing a heated towel rail.

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Radiators can be a pain when the time comes to redecorate a room. Painting behind the radiator is not too difficult, but if the wall has been papered and you want to remove the old paper to either paint or repaper, the radiator is likely to be very much in the way. Most designer towel radiators have simple and easy to remove wall fixing brackets. Removing these will make your life a lot easier and if you are reasonably skilled on the DIY front, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do the job yourself.