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Shower vs Bath – Which One Is Better?

Once upon a time, most families were lucky to have a tin bath for special occasions. But times have changed and modern households can easily have two, three or even four bathrooms and en-suites. However, some smaller properties only have room for one small bathroom, so the question of whether a shower would be more space efficient is a pertinent one. Naturally there isn’t a straight forward answer, so if you are wondering whether to swap your bath for a power shower, or vice versa, here are a few points to bear in mind.

Water Consumption

According to the study, the average eight-minute shower used 62 litres of hot water, and some power showers can use up to 136 litres, compared with an average bath's 80 litres. Even four minutes under a water-inefficient power shower still uses less water than the average bath. Using less water in the bathroom isn’t just about the environment – there is a strong link between the hot water you use and the size of your energy bill.


Advantages of a Bath

Most homes have at least one bath, but we all lead busy lives so in this day and age, a bath might not be right for your home. However, there are some advantages to installing a bath rather than a shower.

  • Kids – Younger children love baths. It gives them a chance to play in warm water and relaxes them just in time for bed. Parents can also have a bath at the same time, which is useful when you have a baby as well as a toddler.
  • Joint problems – For anyone suffering with the pain of arthritis, soaking in a hot bath can be a huge comfort. It won’t cure the disease, but the heat of a bath can significantly soothe the symptoms.
  • Relaxation – At the end of a long, stressful day, nothing beats lying in a nice, hot bath, with a glass of wine nearby and a few scented candles dotted around the bathroom. After about thirty minutes, you might actually feel human again.

Advantages of a Shower

  • Speed – Running a bath takes time, and when you are late for work, time is something you probably don’t have. It is possible to have a quick shower in less than five minutes, so showers are the ideal solution for busy people.
  • Mobility issues – It isn’t easy climbing into a bath when you are crippled with arthritis or you have some other serious mobility issue. A shower is more suitable for those who are unable to sit down without help. Showers can also be adapted for wheelchair users.
  • Space – A small shower cubicle takes up less space than a large bath, so if your bathroom is a touch on the ‘compact’ size, installing a shower will give you more room to play with. Showers are also more suited to en-suite bathrooms because of the space issue.

Selling a Home

No matter what your preference is, should there be any possibility that you might need to sell your home in the future, be careful of removing a bath and replacing it with a shower. Most people, in particular families, are going to want a bath and a property without one is likely to be less attractive to potential buyers. So bear this in mind.

The ideal solution is to have both. If space is a problem, consider installing a bath-shower as this will take up less room than a shower cubicle and separate bath. And don’t forget to look at towel rails with electric options for an extra ‘wow’ factor.