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Heat Your Entire Home Efficiently with These Three Options

The winter months can be rough on us in just about every way: our mood suffers, our skin suffers and our ability to be active suffers. Many people just want to stay in the house whenever they're not at work and avoid the brutal temperatures that wintertime brings. Unfortunately, some people do not have adequate heating solutions that will make this more comfortable. Between having old, inefficient heating systems that do not distribute heat evenly throughout the home, to stand-alone heaters that can be dangerous if tipped over, many people have much to gain by adding a modern, efficient radiator to the home. Our line of home radiators, heated towel racks and other solutions can help you add simple, effective heating to any and every room of the home – all while saving on your monthly utility bills! Find out more below about three options you have to consider.

Designer Bathroom Radiators

On a cold winter morning, all you really want to do is crawl back into bed and say “no thanks” to the day ahead. The naturally cold, sterile climate of a bathroom can make your morning routine even more excruciating, which is why a designer towel radiator could be a perfect solution. Some people lug their portable ceramic heaters to and fro depending on which room they currently are in, but a bathroom radiator will provide efficient, consistent heating without all the work. We have many different brands of designer bathroom radiators to choose from, in colours such as black, white, silver and stainless steel. You can avoid heating the entire home with a central heating system and instead opt for smart, targeted solutions like this to make winter mornings a bit less irritating. 

Tasteful Living Room Radiators

If you have a cold or draft-filled living room or other comparable space, then you know how the winter can be a dreaded time. Portable heaters may not put off enough heat, and central heating units are expensive and inefficient when it comes to targeting that heat to one room or another.

Our extensive selection of vertical radiators can be discreetly mounted to any wall in the living room, taking up very little space. In fact, some of our vertical radiators project from the room by less than 10 centimetres, meaning that your floor area will not be impacted in any substantial way. Best of all, these designs are astounding: you won't be reminded of your grandmother's old radiator.

If you don't believe us, then be sure to check out some of our more popular vertical radiators, such as the Fiore 400/1800 designer radiator now available. 

Fiore Designer Radiator
Panox Designer Radiator

Sleek Bedroom Radiators

For a bedroom or similarly sized area, horizontal radiators can make the difference between a winter of misery and inconvenience, and one with lower energy bills. Imagine having to heat your entire home for eight hours while you are asleep, and then imagine only having to heat one room with a high-efficiency alternative.

Horizontal radiators can be easily mounted along the bottom of a wall, and with a very slim profile, will not create fire hazards or risks for burns like many other radiators do. Our Panox 1200/600mm Stainless Steel Radiator, for instance, is a solid piece that doesn't give off the illusion of being a radiator.

With dozens of different design options to choose from, you can find a horizontal radiator for the bedroom or kitchen that makes more of an art statement than it does about your desire to save energy. 

These three types of radiator solutions for the home – whether we're talking about the bedroom, the living room or the bathroom – all add energy efficiency and comfort throughout the home. When you consider how each room can be individually heating only when required, the investment in designer home radiators is a smart, long-term project that will save you thousands of pounds on your heating bills in the years ahead.