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Inject Comfort and Charm into Your Living Room with a New Radiator

Few things speak about the quality and ambiance of your home like the living room does. An area that, by definition, brings life into the home, the living room provides ample opportunity to express creativity, embrace functionality and enjoy the company of others. For many, the living room is the centrepiece of the home but may not be at the actual centre of the home. The trouble with many home heating systems is that they distribute heat unevenly throughout the house, causing some rooms to be less comfortable than others. The addition of a home radiator to various rooms throughout the home can produce added value, wintertime comfort and – when done properly – actually enhance the aesthetic charm of the room. We'll outline a few designs that can incorporate a radiator into your living room while not having to sacrifice beauty or your existing floor plan.


Column Radiators Near the Windows

Many people think of bulky, old-fashioned radiators when the word is mentioned, but modern design and technological innovation have produced new versions that look beautiful and provide more efficiency. Column radiators are one of these examples, which measure anywhere from one to two metres in length and can be affixed to any wall or compatible surface. Our range of anthracite column radiators for instance, resemble drawn-back curtains or window shutters when paired on each side of a window. With finishes in stainless steel, anthracite, black and white, you'll be able to find one or more column radiators that go well inside the home. Others decide to place these near the front door in the living room, as a design element that resembles a wall-mounted coat rack or something similar.




Horizontal Radiators Near the Floor

Many people use wallpaper or decorative accents along the lower half of their living room walls to add a bit of flare and character to the room. Raised elements in particular can break the monotony of an otherwise dull, drab room. This is where and why a horizontal radiator can be an excellent addition to the living room.


Besides the heating functionality that it will provide, horizontal radiators from Neva, Bonera and Sena come in multiple colours and can be used with virtually any existing design schematic. Our horizontal radiators look especially good in contrast with light coloured walls and wood floors; a studio apartment design or post-modern ambiance in the home can be accentuated even more through the addition of such a unit.


Vertical Radiators Everywhere Else

Last but not least, you have the option of adding a vertical radiator to the living room as both a design element and a heating source. With models from Oria, Cascia, Amara and others, these vertical radiators look more like pieces of art than they do home heating solutions.


Available in stainless steel, black and white finishes – with a variety of altered shapes, curves and designs to consider – you'll be able to find something that makes a bold statement while being a functional product at the same time.


One of our most aesthetically pleasing vertical radiators is the Bonera 324mm/1800mm Designer Vertical Radiator; when you see it, you'll understand why.  Of for a bathroom, you can opt-in for our Lemina designer anthracite towel radiator.


Having a comprehensive heating element in the living room no longer has to be an ugly, obstructive affair. ADIGE Towel Radiators strives to keep the most aesthetically-pleasing and best performing home radiators, designer towel radiators and other heating solutions in stock to give you absolute say in what your living room can truly be. If you're desiring comfort and charm while lounging about for your next design project, then our selection of radiators will provide you with the ability to start the project off right.