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How to Make Your Guest Room Extra Welcoming This Christmas

When Christmas is coming, many of us plan to open our homes to family or friends for the big day, and often, if you are inviting people who live far away, this means overnight guests. If you have a guest room in your home and want to make it especially pleasant for your visitors to stay in this Christmas season, here are some tips!

Make the Bathroom Cosy and Comfortable

If you have an en-suite bathroom for your guest room, now is the time to make sure it feels nice and cosy for guests staying in the coldest part of the year. Heated towel rails make for a warm and enjoyable shower experience and are also a good space-saving device for smaller bathrooms like many secondary or en-suite rooms. If you already have heated towel rail-style radiators, make sure these are nicely stocked with fluffy towels and perhaps even robes for your guests to use. This is always appreciated in winter! If your guest room does not have an en-suite bathroom and your guests will be sharing yours, leave some nice soft towels nicely folded in their room so they do not have to ask for them or wonder about which towels to use in your bathroom.

Winter Bedding

If you don’t have overnight guests staying very often throughout the year, you may tend to use the same bed linen all year round in your guest room. With heating, this is normally perfectly fine, but if you want to make the room feel cosier and more Christmassy, then swapping in some warmer blankets or a higher tog count duvets can be a nice way to make your guests really comfortable. It can often be a good idea to have layers, such as a sheet, a duvet and a blanket, so people can use what suits them most and they won’t end up feeling too hot or cold at night.

Festive Touches

A fun way to make your guests feel especially welcome for Christmas is to extend your Christmas decorations into their room. This doesn’t mean you need to turn it into a replica of Santa’s grotto (though that can be a fun thing to try if you have children visiting!), but some small touches like some fairy lights or a little miniature Christmas tree on the nightstand can make your guest room feel more festive without being distracting when your guests are trying to sleep. Another cute touch, for both kids and adults, is to hang simple Christmas stockings at the end of the bed with some treats like sweets inside.

Getting ready for Christmas can involve quite a lot of work, especially when you are hosting the celebrations. However, if you can find some time to make the guest room as warm, welcoming and comfortable as possible, this can go a long way to ensuring your guests have a special and memorable Christmas while they are staying in your home.

How to Make Your Guest Room Extra Welcoming This Christmas