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blog posts for February 2014

Welcome to ADIGE Towel Radiators Blog which is updated by our experienced team on a regular basis. As well as offering you a wide range of products, we also wish to communicate in real time with our web site visitors and customers.

Here you will find useful information on towel radiators and heated towel rails, ask questions about our products & services and get prompt answers to your queries.

With over 14 years of experience in our field, this blog is our perfect solution to share this hard earned and gained experience in the world of heated towel rails. We have plenty of How to Guides, tips and general advice on home improvements, bathroom renovations, heat requirements and designer towel radiators.

You may find these great posts and articles by following the links under popular blog tags or by following the links under blog archive. For your convenience below are the direct links to those 10 most recent posts.

How to Add Value to Your Home with a New Bathroom

Bathrooms, like kitchens, are an expensive room to renovate. Although painting the walls and changing the floor won't cost too much cash, installing a new bathroom suite or power shower is likely to be expensive, even if you do the work yourself. So is such as major bathroom makeover really worth the expense and will it add sufficient value to your home to warrant the expense?

5 Signs Your Bathroom Needs Help
  • It leaks – Water dripping down the walls into the room below is not a good sign
  • Mo...
The Dos and Don’ts of Bleeding a Radiator

Radiators are extremely common and the majority of UK homes have a central heating system featuring radiators in every room. When radiators are working efficiently, as soon as the central heating comes on they begin to heat up until every part of the radiator is hot. Unfortunately, over time gas and air pockets can develop inside radiators, which reduce their efficiency. This also applies to heated towel rails as they also operate the same way as conventional radiators. So if your radiators are ...

5 Simple Ways to give Your Bathroom a Makeover

The average family bathroom suffers an awful lot of wear and tear. Teenagers spend hours in front of the mirror primping and inspecting their complexion or taking a long shower, and dad probably locks himself in there daily with a newspaper in hand. Either way, it doesn't take long for a bathroom to start looking a bit tired and worn around the edges. But fear not because there are lots of ways to give a bathroom a makeover—and you don't even need to spend a fortune doing so!

1. New Shower Scre...
Bathroom Renovation - Heated Towel Rails

What could be more irritating than walking into your bathroom to find a damp towel in a heap on the floor? It is an age old problem that many householders face, and while not a life threatening one by any means; it is simply one of the most annoying ones.

So what is the answer to this age old problem? Pack the offending towel user out of the door? I would suggest this is probably a little extreme; perhaps a better solution could be that of a heated towel rail.

Once a feature only found in the ...