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ANTHRACITE Towel Rails & Radiators

If you are looking for a chic and affordable bathroom radiator solution for your home, you can buy one of our Anthracite Towel Radiators and experience the elegance and functionality. They are available in wide range of size and styles to choose from including both horizontal and vertical options.... These grey heated towel rails and radiators can work in most spaces, and provide you with the warmth and comfort you want in your bathroom, while also giving your bathroom an attractive look.

Transform your bathroom into a luxurious oasis with one of our stylish and efficient Anthracite Towel Rails or Radiators. Browse our selection of anthracite finish bathroom radiators and take the first step towards a more comfortable home by joining thousands of satisfied customers who have already upgraded their bathroom experience with our anthracite finish radiators.

Experience The Elegance And Functionality Of Our Dark Grey Radiators

Designer Anthracite Radiators and towel rails offer a unique and attractive matte texture that can provide a look that appeals to people who don’t want the shiny look of chrome radiators or the traditional white colour of other popular towel rails. The dark colour and appealing look of anthracite coated Adige towel rails and radiators makes for a stunning choice in modern, contemporary bathroom interiors, as well as giving you all of the benefits of convenient, space conscious bathroom heating. Unlike a chrome radiator where the surface is smooth, our range of anthracite radiators have a slight texture just like a fine sanding paper. They also have a little sparkle when viewed from a very close proximity.

You can take a look at our wide range of stylish Anthracite Bathroom Radiators and heated towel rail solutions to find a design that will suit your bathroom and your needs, whatever the size of room you are working with. From slim and tall units to wide and shallow ones, we have the perfect anthracite towel radiator for you which will seamlessly blend into any bathroom décor adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. You can say goodbye to cold bathrooms and hello to warm, inviting spaces. Our grey towel radiators are specifically tailored to meet the needs of homeowners like you who value both style and functionality.

Here's Why Our Anthracite Finish Radiators Are The Best Choice For Your Home:

  • Efficient Heating - They provide quick and consistent warmth, ensuring that your bathrooms are cozy and comfortable year-round while giving nearly 20% more heat from an equivalent chrome finish one.
  • Types of Use - Like most towel radiators we supply, you can use our anthracite coated grey radiators as part of central heating, as a stand alone electric only mode or as a dual fuel one where it is connected to your central heating system and have an electric element for summer use. You just need to get the relevant parts as per your option.
  • Stylish Design - Our anthracite finish adds a modern and sleek touch to your bathroom, elevating its overall aesthetic appeal. With many shape, design and sizes to choose to from, our radiators will enhance your bathroom functionality.
  • Easy Installation - Supplied with a full set of brackets, manual, concealed type bleed valve and a blanking plug they are designed for hassle-free installation so you can start enjoying the benefits in no time.
  • Matching Parts - Our radiator valves, electric elements, T pipes, etc. are all anthracite coated same shade of grey for a complete and consistent look.
  • High Quality - Crafted from durable steel, our Chrome Bathroom Radiators are built to withstand the test of time, providing you with years of reliable use. For ease of mind, they are all guaranteed for minimum 5 years. They all go through 20 points quality check before leaving the factory floor and packed using sturdy materials suitable for safe and secure nationwide delivery.

We are committed to offering quality radiators at low prices and we aim to deliver an outstanding level of service for each and every customer.

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Picture of SLIMLINE 500mm Wide 1770mm High Panel Radiator - Anthracite
Product Code: RND-SLN17705A
10 in stock
500mm wide and 1770mm high designer panel radiator with hanging rails 1165 Watt - 3973 BTU/h @ Delta 50.
£291.66 ex. VAT
Picture of BONERA 324mm Wide 1800mm High Designer Radiator - Anthracite
Product Code: RND-BNR3218A
10 in stock
324mm wide and 1800mm high rectangular tubed vertical anthracite painted designer radiator with 742 Watts - 2530 BTU/h @ Delta 50
£183.32 ex. VAT
Picture of BONERA 456mm Wide 1800mm High Designer Radiator - Anthracite
Product Code: RND-BNR4518A
Out of stock
456mm wide and 1800mm high rectangular tubed vertical anthracite painted designer radiator with 1032 Watts - 3520 BTU/h @ Delta 50
£241.66 ex. VAT
Picture of NEVA 413mm Wide 1800mm High Anthracite Radiator - Double
Product Code: RND-NV4118AD
10 in stock
413mm wide and 1800mm high ecliptic tubed vertical design double anthracite radiator with 1580 Watts - 5372 BTU/h @ Delta 50
£262.49 ex. VAT
Picture of NEVA 413mm Wide 1800mm High Anthracite Radiator - Single
Product Code: RND-NV4118A
10 in stock
413mm wide and 1800mm high ecliptic tubed vertical design single anthracite radiator with 1020 Watts - 3479 BTU/h @ Delta 50
£149.99 ex. VAT
VERTICA 1800x348mm Anthracite Single Oval Tube Vertical Radiator
Product Code: OL-18348AS
6 in stock
1800mm High & 348mm Wide Anthracite Finish Oval Tube Designer Radiator with 724 Watt - 2470 BTU/h @ Delta 50
£145.82 ex. VAT
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