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ADIGE Towel Radiators is the UK's leading bathroom radiator specialist. Established in 2004, we offer high quality products all of which are manufactured to European EN442 standards. With over 10 years of experience, we also offer expert advice, technical help and guidance to all our customers and web site visitors.

Our recently updated and feature pack web site is now even easier to navigate and find stunning designer towel radiators, narrow, wide and practical heated towel rails or high heat output vertical radiators. You may browse and shop by width, height or Btu and apply filters to find the perfect radiator for your bathroom.

If you require further information or advice on our products, please call our friendly and expert customer service team or send us an email with your enquiry.

500/750mm White Curved Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 750mm high white curved heated towel rail with 517 Watt - 1765 BTU/h @ Delta 60.

£54.99 ex. VAT

530/900mm FLAT Stainless Steel Electric Towel Rail

530mm wide and 900mm high stainless steel flat electric Towel Rail with 130 Watt - 442 BTU/h @ Delta 60.

£99.99 ex. VAT

800/800mm Chrome Flat Towel Radiator

800mm wide and 600mm high chrome flat heated towel rail with 653 Watt - 2229 BTU/h @ Delta 60.
£159.99 ex. VAT
£139.99 ex. VAT

CARLITA 485/1800mm Flat Panel Aluminium Radiator - White

405mm wide and 1800mm high rounded rectangular aluminium white powder painted flat panel radiator with 3029 Watts - 10337 BTU/h @ Delta 60.

£294.99 ex. VAT

CASCIA 240/1800mm Designer Bathroom Radiator - Vertical Chrome

CASCIA 240/1800mm high vertical chrome plated square-tubed designer bathroom radiator with 816 Watts - 2774 BTU/h @ Delta 60.

£224.99 ex. VAT

KELUS 500/1600mm Tube on Tube Designer Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 1600mm high tube on tube designer towel radiator with 1020 Watt - 3480 BTU/h @ Delta 60.
£179.99 ex. VAT
£125.00 ex. VAT

KOCA 500/1200mm Chrome Curved Designer Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 1200mm high chrome curved tube on tube designer towel radiator with 848 Watt - 2892 BTU/h @ Delta 60.

£169.99 ex. VAT

MEOT 500/800mm Rectangular Tube Designer Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 800mm high rectangular tubed chrome plated flat towel radiator with 496 Watt - 1693 BTU/h @ Delta 60.

£119.99 ex. VAT

SAHLA 500/1600mm Square Tube Chrome Flat Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 1600mm high square tubed chrome plated ladder style flat towel radiator with 1032 Watt - 3522 BTU/h @ Delta 60.
£209.99 ex. VAT
£199.99 ex. VAT

SONAVA 500/800mm Rectangular Tube Designer Towel Radiator

500mm wide and 800mm high rectangular horizontal tubed on round vertical tubes designer towel radiator with 591 Watt - 2016 BTU/h @ Delta 60.

£139.99 ex. VAT

Great Quality Bathroom Towel Radiators, Heated Towel Rails & Designer Towel Radiators

Your bathroom has huge potential when it comes to interior design, but there are three primary factors that you must take into account when you renovate or modernise the space. They are practicality, heat requirements and style. By supplying a stunning range of high quality bathroom towel radiator and heated towel rails, we can help you to satisfy all of these very important considerations.

We stock designer towel radiators and bathroom radiators of all shapes and sizes in a bid to help you achieve the perfect marriage of comfort, convenience and visual appeal in your bathroom design. It is possible to find both contemporary and traditional options from our varied and stylish range.

When it comes to the practical setup of your main bathroom or an en suite, a towel rail proves an exceptionally useful addition because it will regulate your bathroom temperature and environment while providing efficient storage space for your towels and other garments. This is vital in bathrooms that do not enjoy the benefit of large dimensions and ample space.

Choosing the right bathroom radiator or heated towel rail is simply a matter of browsing the categories in our online store according to your budget and requirements in terms of heat, space and design. We also stock a fantastic range of radiator valves, heating elements and radiator accessories engineered to assist you at every stage of the installation process and to supply the finishing touches to your setup.

We are committed to offering quality radiators at low prices and we aim to deliver an outstanding level of service for each and every customer.

44 confirmed customers have written a review about ADIGE Towel Radiators on Trustpilot.
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review stars
Wayside Guest Accommodation
Good quality and service
19. Apr
I ordered a towel rail and it was delivered the next day, excellent service and a good quality towel rail for my wetroom, I will definitely be dealing with this company again.
review stars
Chris Davies
Hassle Free Purchase
19. Apr
Placed the order, was kept informed of its progress and was delivered within the stated 3-5 working days, the item is exactly as described and in perfect condition - very good service.
review stars
Neil B
Excellent value and quick delivery
16. Apr
Best price for item using Google and a quality item delivered quickly.
review stars
Mrs Patricia Ellis
Fast delivery and great customer service
15. Apr
Ordered two large towel radiators late one evening and received in two days. One radiator was damaged in transit (better packing would have prevented this) but I phoned to advise and received replacement radiator the next day - can't argue with that! Radiators look good quality (although have not…
review stars
Mrs Dixon
An excellent product - efficient and elegant.
12. Apr
We are delighted with the Adige Radiator. It is a quality product - it looks very good and performs as well as promised. It was also delivered promptly and in good order. A very helpful and friendly service. Thank you.

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ADIGE is pleased to be able to offer a reward scheme to encourage loyalty from small trade customers. Returning customers are rewarded with points, which can be used to secure a discount on their next order. So the more products a trade customer orders, the more he or she can save in the long run. We also continue to offer large discounts on bulk and bespoke orders. If you have a large project in hand, looking for a reliable towel rail supplier then get in touch with our sales team.
Whether you are renovating one bathroom or twenty, it is important to buy the right fixtures and fittings for the job. Unfortunately it can be difficult to choose a reliable supplier when there are so many to choose from. Buying online is usually easier because you don’t have to leave home, but it does depend on the quality of the website you are buying from. However, if you buy from ADIGE Towel Radiators, you are guaranteed a hassle-free experience.
Major web site update on 02/Jan/2014 We have first launched back in May 2004 and since then we have had 3 re-designs and a few face-lifts. On 24 September 2013 we have laid the foundations of our next generation, feature packed web site and platform which is far more than a simple re-design and a face-lift........